Mobile Bible Apps

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Connect with HPC through our Faithlife app - free from the app store!

Download the Faithlife mobile app to connect with our church.

You can share prayer requests, send messages, share photos, view events, watch sermons, follow along with curated Bible reading plans, and more.

Watch the video to get started with the Faithlife app here...

Download app:

The Join the Hamilton Presbyterian Church group...

  1. Create a Faithlife account (or login to your Faithlife account)
  2. You’ll see posts if you’re a member of our Faithlife group
  3. If you’re not a member of our Faithlife group, search for Hamilton Presbyterian Church in the search bar at the top
  4. Select our church
  5. Join the group
  6. Send Garry a post and let him know!
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Download a mobile Bible app for following along during the sermon. Both use the same login information as your Faithlife account (what you use to sign into our church website).

Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible will help you understand the Bible more fully. It contains several layers of notes and many graphics, making it the most advanced digital study Bible anywhere.

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Logos Bible Software

The Logos Bible Software app is the mobile version of the world’s leading Bible software. This free download comes with several Bible translations and other resources, and there are more than 100,000 books related to the Bible you can buy through the app.

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Understanding Signals

The Faithlife Study Bible and Logos Bible Software mobile apps both listen for Signals from the slide presentation during a service.

Announcement slides will send a calendar signal to your phone, appearing as a hyperlink at the bottom of the app. Tap it to add events to your phone’s calendar. And when Bible verses appear on screen, tap the Signal link to open the reference and follow along.

You can learn more about signals here. Be sure to allow the app to use your location, and then follow our church presentation when it is presented. You only need to do this once, and you’ll be connected every week!