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At present we are live-streaming on Sunday mornings... See here to join us during lockdown

Normally you can join us at a regular worship service in the church, 9.30am each Sunday. At Hamilton Presbyterian we're a mixed group of people.

Come dressed as you feel comfortable. One or two people like to wear a tie while others prefer casual clothes.

We start the service pretty promptly at 9.30, but people often arrive 15 or even 30 minutes beforehand. The building is usually buzzing with happy conversations as people catch up on what's been happening over the last week.

Our style of worship is fairly traditional but quite relaxed. You will be welcomed at the door and the service consists of reading and listening to a sermon on the Bible together, praying together and singing. During Covid19 restrictions we have a couple of singers leading and others are asked to just think about the words or hum or sing quietly under their breath.

For parents and children there is space at the back of the church with some toys and carpet for the children and through the door to the left there is a private creche area with an a/v feed from the service.

You can watch (or have a quick scroll through) our most recent service on our home page.

The service will last about an hour and afterwards we like to enjoy a chat over a cuppa in the hall next door.

Join a Small Group

People meet in small groups during the week to study the Bible and pray together, and to encourage one another. Day and evening groups meet at various venues. 

Contact Garry on 0427 001 382 if you'd like to know more.

Introducing God

We regularly host an Introducing God course. This is a relational, relaxed and entertaining look at the foundations of the Christian faith. Check out more here!

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Making a cuppa after church!